Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Our new rental is gianormous! I am not willing to buy extra furniture to fill this house, so we have been trying to use the spare rooms creatively.
There is a large empty front room which we use to play "Ottapaddle" (as in "...up a creek with ottapaddle")--basically full-court table tennis. The kids are having a great time and play quite a bit.

Our small living room furniture fits nicely into the central dining room.

The kitchen is stupidly large and inefficiently laid out--there is actually way more cabinet storage space than we have stuff to fill it. However, for the first time ever we have a dishwasher!!!!

There is a huge room off of the kitchen which we are using for eating and Legos (of course).

The office is big enough for Danny's work station, as well as my desk and the kids' computer area.

Our bedroom. We picked the room with the least scabby walls. Also, the only room that doesn't have closet doors that look like they came from an 80's-era airplane.

The kids' room. When we moved in, there was inexplicably no door for this room. However, we found a dirty old door in the basement which seemed to fit the door frame. Before the moving van arrived, I put up the shower curtain, but the kids like it so much that they won't let me replace it with proper curtains.

My big dream in life is not to have to share a bathroom with the kids. I have not yet achieved this dream, though.

I also would like to add that this house has AN ENTIRE OTHER FLOOR. The basement is fully finished. There is a bedroom, a "bar", many closets and a full bathroom. So far, we have absolutely no furniture to put there, but I promise that we will find something if anyone wants to come visit us!

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  1. What a great place! We totally want to come visit you. And see, you have an extra bathroom, it's just in the basement.