Monday, September 20, 2010

Science and Pirates

Because Ottawa is the capitol, there are plenty of museums. The kids loved the Canada Museum of Science and Technology.

Old tech: the kids loved the outdoor exhibits, including the rockets and trains.

Apparently it is pretty hard to ride an old-timey bike.

The seizure-inducing internet demo.

We have also been to the "beach." at Mooney Bay. Not too bad! The sand is nice, and there is enough of it to pretend that it is an actual beach.

The kids excavated holes and waterways. I eventually went in and swam laps. It was not too bad--low visibility and lots of algae, though.

Also, there were pirates. Inexplicably, someone runs a pirate ship up and down the river. A ship full of 10-year-olds enacted an elaborate scenario in which they used water cannons to battle a lone pirate in a rowboat.

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  1. Aargh, matey. Pirates are a sign of a thriving economy! Otherwise there would be no booty to steal.