Tuesday, September 28, 2010

edited for Canadification

TV programs and ads in Canada are often subtly tweaked from their original U.S. content.
On the Simpsons, Bart and Lisa learn Canadian history in school:
Bart: Quiet nerds burp only near school.
Lisa: Bart, I'm doing my geography homework.
Bart: I know. That's how you remember the 4 original provinces of Canada. Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, Nova Scotia; quiet nerds burp only near school. And here's how you remember the principle exports; dogs eat barf only on Wednesday, Mable.
Lisa: Stop! I want to learn on my own.
(Bart walks out of the room)
Bart (hanging from a vent): Canada's govener's general; clowns love haircuts, so should Lee Marvin's valle.
Lisa: Get out! (attempts to hit Bart with her book)

Also, in a case of clever wind-turbine migration, "Iowa Lakes" seem to have moved to somewhere in Canada because the Canadian version of a Duracell ad claims that Iowa Lakes College students help Canadian wind turbines.

And of course, noodle ads say "paysta" instead of "pasta."

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