Friday, November 12, 2010

I will not call it a "tuke"

That about sums it up. Apparently, a ski cap is called a toque in Canada. According to those around me, it is not called a hat. When it gets cold outside, it can be "toque weather" not "hat weather."
For some reason, I cannot bring myself to call a hat a toque (except a chef's hat). Perhaps it is because I lived my life thus far thinking that a "toque" was some kind of a joke name for a hat due to the fact that the only people I ever heard say the word were Bob and Doug MacKenzie on SCTV.


  1. Hi Susan! I've enjoyed seeing Ottawa through your eyes. ;-)

  2. Hi Susan, Sam's owner here. I'm trying to find your contact info but not having much luck. Could you email me? shirley(dot)bittner6(at)