Monday, November 1, 2010


The kids were very happy to learn that they celebrate Halloween in Canada. However, we had several inches of snow the night before Halloween. But no worries--we made snow zombies for the yard!
At night we took out the potatoes and put flickering tealights in the eyes. Our street has no streetlights so it was actually really spooky!

Sam wanted to attend the Ottawa zombie walk 2010, so we got Sam all undead and took the bus downtown.

Unfortunately, I realized that even though Sam is OK with zombies, he is afraid of undergrads, so we went home early.

On Halloween we went over to Joseph friend Owen's house for a delicious dinner and trick-or-treating. (Owen's street has streetlights!)
Joseph was a ninja, and Sam augmented his scarecrow costume with a scythe and additional scary stitching.

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