Monday, November 1, 2010

Cruisin' the Rideau

As part of my birthday present, Danny bought tickets for a tour of the Rideau River. There were many splendid views and corny jokes. (Imagine with a French accent: "People often ask what kind of fish live in the Rideau River. There are two kinds of fish: the fish that are dead and the fish that are wishing they are dead")

Parliament Hill

The Rideau Falls


The Canadian Museum of Civilization ("The Museum of Civilization was built with no corners to ward off evil spirits. That's why politicians can't go in.")

Tween-aged boys just love to be hugged by their mother in public!

Danny's new beard

Sam and Joseph

The Ottawa Locks for getting boats from the Rideau River to the Rideau Canal. ("People often ask why everything is Ottawa is named 'Rideau' this and 'Rideau' that. Rideau means 'curtains' because the beautiful falls reminded the founder of curtains. So we are lucky that he was French or it would be 'curtains' this and 'curtains' that.")

Joseph giving me a heart attack by messing around on the locks.

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